I Love Homer

Amount Raised So Far: $74,283

Updated on: 7/17/2020

Thank you for caring.

The I LOVE HOMER Relief Fund was launched by Church on the Rock Homer on March 26th with an initial allocation of $25,000 for COVID-19 related economic relief. Our goal is to be a blessing to the community of Homer as we meet temporary needs in partnership with local non-profits that are positioned for impact.

Fund Updates

April 15th: Relief Packets going out + 60k reached

The I LOVE HOMER Relief Fund has hit $60,000 for local relief and we are assembling the first of our immediate relief gift card packets for distribution!

If you know of someone who has been hurt financially and needs a boost due to changes in employment income, please send them to www.ilovehomer.org right away!

One of our applicants asked "Is this for real?!?" Yes, it's SO for real. We are here to help. You can help us by spreading the word and sharing this post with the hashtag #ilovehomer!

A special shout out to our local retailers for increasing our investment with bonus gift cards! THANK YOU.

We are in this together and God is on the move,

March 30th: Funding Almost Doubles in 3 days

Rockers, we launched our I LOVE HOMER Relief Fund on Friday with $25,000 for local relief. Through your direct donations that fund is now at $41,000. And more is on the way. #ilovehomer

Our Task Force is finalizing a list of needs and opportunities for local impact. And don’t forget, our goal is $100,000.

To donate go to www.cotrhomer.org/donate

We invite you to be a part of our efforts to bless our community in the name of Christ. NOW is the time to DECLARE: Our time is His, our resources are His, our hearts are His, our lives are His!!

To help promote our efforts, share our updates and add the ilovehomer badge to your Facebook profile by clicking update on your profile picture and selecting "add frame." From there, search ilovehomer, church on the rock, or homer and it'll be at the top.

We’re in this together,


March 27th: Fund Launched With 25k

Rockers, I am thrilled to announce the establishment of Church on the Rock Homer’s COVID-19 Relief Fund. We are launching the fund with an initial allocation of $25,000 to be invested in our community!

That’s right, twenty five thousand smackaroos. But rather than name it after the virus, we are going to call it the I LOVE HOMER Relief Fund.

Now we need YOUR help. Our target for this fund is $100,000 of relief money to be disbursed to our Homer friends and family with unforeseen financial needs and missed paychecks. If you can add to our fund, NOW is the time! https://cotrhomer.org/donate

To help promote this fund, SHARE THIS POST with the hashtag #ilovehomer

We have assembled a crack team of eight members that are currently working on strategies to maximize impact and to ensure that funds get into the hands of those with real needs. They are moving quickly to develop and refine our disbursement plan.

For those of us who have, it is time to help those who are going without. Join us in making an impact in the community we love. Join us as we show the love of God to our Homer family!

To donate to the I LOVE HOMER Relief Fund follow the link or get us a check with I LOVE HOMER in the memo right away. 100% of donated funds will go to local relief.

Let’s DO this,